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the greatest news ever beheld by mankind   
05:19pm 04/02/2006
  I may have gotten Dorothy Sims fired from Friendly's today.

That is all.

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fucking stupid internet   
10:00am 14/09/2005
mood: pissed off
I hate the stupid fucking internet. I have always hated it and probably will always hate it for the rest of my days. Why does my teacher have to post everything i need for the class online? And why can't i log into the stupid web ct? I emailed the webmaster, she said she fixed my password and whatnot, but its not working. Nothing ever works if i am on the computer. So i have class in 20 minutes, i was supposed to get the lecture notes online, but i can't. My english textbook is somehow lost, i bought it only a week ago, the last time i had it was in my car. Fuck, today really blows already.

And in summation.....i fucking hate the internet.

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10:31am 10/05/2005
mood: cranky
So stressed.

Had a major freakout day yesterday and realized that i need my friends much more than i act like i do. I get pissed off when people i used to hang out with a lot never call me, unless it is to get them drugs or to see if i have talked to people that can get you drugs. Thanks a lot, makes me really want to do shit for you. NOT. So when my friends are not around but i call them anyway when im upset, i just try to get off the phone quickly and be mad at them for not being there for me. But i let Jeanne be there for me last night and it helped, it made me feel so much better than when after kelton tried to make me feel better. School and life and what im going to do with my life is really fucking hard. I am utterly clueless. But, now instead of working myself up into hysterics I just dont really care because right now what can i do?

Going to a party on friday, first social outing i have taken in god knows how long. Bringing the new bong, hopefully making some new friends, and enjoying a friday for a change.

On another note, Foreigner is the greatest music ever. All i listen now is beta band - 3 eps and greatest hits foreigner.

PS my english teacher is a fucking asshole and i plan on telling him how he is the worst teacher ever today if he doesn't give me back my notebook.

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Should be writing a paper   
10:37am 31/03/2005
mood: funny
Hey, I had a notion the other day.
Well, notions make this world happen.
I think...someone should get a group together...and sweep out those ghettos.
I drive a red car.
Keep those poor people away from it, they've got sores.

God this sucks. I keep trying to write something for my stupid english class and all i have in my brain is bits of will ferrell saying funny things.

Old Chester? A Palamino? Yes! They're beautiful! They're gorgeous! Beautiful golden fur. Uh-huh. Why I've got all the time in the world Beverly.

someone just kill me. kill me or find me a job/career that doesn't involve school cuz i just cant hack it.


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I tried to reason with him tried singing he said boy you;ll never listen try it again   
06:48pm 27/02/2005
mood: bored
So i found out on monday or tuesday morning at work that Hunter S. Thompson killed himself by a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. I was very upset by this news because i think he is(was) one of the coolest guys to ever walk the earth. So as i am telling people at work about this tragedy, no one knows who he is. Not one goddamned person at my whole job(with the exception of mr.bill who was not there that day) knew who he was, no one had even seen or heard of fear and loathing in las vegas(i didnt even mention 'where the buffalo roam' for fear of even more puzzled looks from my fellow workers). I seriously was in shock, i thought at least the people my age there would know him a little. I always end up feeling like im crazy at that place, for example, i have the album cover of the velvet underground and nico on my jean jacket(the bananna). Whenever anyone sees me wearing this, i get "hey nice bananna ashley." or "did you know you have a bananna on your jacket?" Not that people not knowing my favorite band makes me dislike them, but it makes me feel kind of dumb to have no one know about anything i like

I wound up seeing The Gates on wednesday, one of the only nice days in the past few weeks. It was goddamned cold in the city though, walking down some of the streets was like walking through an arctic tundra. It was beautiful though, i loved it. The color of the material looked so amazing against the light blue winter sky. I have a whole roll of pictures of it. Kelton and i also bought a print of one of Christo's sketches which was $55, they had signed and framed versions of ours for like $500, they're going to make an assload of money off this. The sketches are so great, they look exactly like the real thing. It took up so much of the park too, i thought it would just be a small section but we walked around for like 40 minutes and could not see any area that lacked the orange gates. My rating: Spectacular

I think it is important to see, even if you dont particulary like the artists or even know who they are, because it is a part of art history. This was a big deal project that took years to think up, even more years to fund and even more time and effort to get permission to do this in Central Park. This is a piece of history, and everyone living in new york should see it, if only for the reason that it is something so close that would be stupid not to waste the opportunity to see it.

It is over tomorrow though so anyone reading this and thinking it sounds cool probably wont even get to see it, which is a real shame. Oh well, live and let die.

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11:02pm 17/02/2005
mood: thirsty
Havent written in this in a while, mostly because i go 3 months at a time without using a computer. But now that school is back and in the swing of things, i need to go online.

I'm on lots of drugs recently but they have all been prescribed to me by a doctor(who was actually trying to give me more pills than i wanted or needed). So im taking adderall, buspirone, and ambien. Its pretty awesome i guess, its making me kind of obsessive compulsive with a lot of stuff. Like my car, yesterday i spent like 4 hours just cleaning everything and organizing the cds and vaccuming. This is very exciting that i can actually keep myself organized and getting shit done.

Got into a fight with Dorothy the big black crazy woman that has worked at friendlys longer than i have lived. I really hope she gets transferred to a different store or something, im so sick of her being a bitch all the time and everyone just thinking because her bitchiness is an everyday occurance that it is justified. Bitch is going down now that she wants to fuck with me.

I so need to go to central park and see the Christo and Jean-Claude installation or whatever it is. Im working 6 days next week though, hopefully i can see on thursday when im not supposed to work.

Ok, hope all is well for everyone and keep on truckin.

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Happy happy happy   
11:50am 06/05/2004
mood: discontent
So im kind of miserable right now. i hate school, i fucked up 2 of my classes real bad this semester so i am gonna have 2 F's, a C- or D+(for bio) and 2 A's for my other art classes. My mom is gonna kill me, kelton is annoyed at me too because i fucked up school. This semester was real fucking stressful though, i had 3 different jobs this semester. And i took too many classes which is my fault and i wont be doing that again.

Fuck, i have a lot of bio work to do before my test next friday. I have to finish my sketchbook tonight. No hanging out with kelton until my shit is done.

I have to go to an art forum today at 4 at nassau, should be exciting.

I hope i dont kill anybody in the next few days.

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As logic stands you couldn't meet a man whos from the future...   
08:19pm 15/04/2004
mood: blah
Just got back from buying kelton birthday presents. Bought him 3 Camus books thus far, dont know what else to get yet. We're going to the city on his birthday, we saw this thing in a pot magazine that said something about a big pot walk on his birthday, hope it goes through. It would be most entertaining.

Still need to do them art projects. I have a life sized self portrait of me due in a month. Yippie.

I bought Encino Man on dvd yesterday, i know you're all jealous. I cant help it, i just adore pauly shore movies, hes my hero.

I dropped my phone in the bathtub last night, the light doesn't work on my phone anymore. I'm thinking about going to AT&T and demanding a new phone.

Um, thats it.

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04:56pm 08/04/2004
  I just bought an Arshile Gorky book! Finally, i've only been looking for one for about 5 months. I win. I've got 2 art projects i need to do but instead im on the computer. Anna is home for vacation but i havent seen her, nor will i be likely to remember to call her. I'm working Friday through Monday. I get to work a double on Easter. Yippie...not really. I saw debbie online before, i had no idea she was still alive. Good to know she isnt dead somewhere at least. Later kids.  

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09:12am 01/04/2004
  Chlorophyll?!? More like Bore-o-phyll!!

Can you believe i said that in bio and not one person laughed? Goddamn faggots, not laughing at billy madison.

I made $300 this weekend at workie, i also worked 40 hours in that weekend but thats ok, ill get a bigger paycheck at the end of the week.

thats about it.

oh wait, i bought the flaming lips cd, yoshimi battles the pink robots. its quite good, me and my mom think its fun music.

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12:51pm 08/03/2004
mood: busy
So...did anyone else know that President Bush is coming to Eisenhower park this Thursday? Yeah, there's some 9/11 memorial thing being erected in the park and he is gonna be there talking about crap. Me and Jeanne want to go protest. My mom told me she wont bail me out of jail, which is unfortunate.

In other news, i was fired from Boulder Creek my second day on the job(very very long story), but to make a long story short, i messed up a table and my manager told me that when i was hired, i said i wouldn't mess up, and i did so therefore i cannot be a server there anymore. Gay to the max.

But i got a new job already, at Ruby Tuesday's. I'm starting today, i had to go buy my uniform today, which sucked, but oh well, its done now.

I missed class to buy my stupid shirt and now i am possibly fucked for that class due to my excessive absences. I wrote my professor an email, hoping he'll be cool about it, I'll be crossing my fingers.

I have to fucking write my art history paper tonight, so my teacher can proof-read it for thursday. The next 3 days are probably gonna kill me but maybe it wont.

Wish me luck all.

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12:46pm 04/03/2004
  i request that who ever made fun of livejournal in the past to do so again. i thought it was very funny.
please give me a rise
thank you,

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I'm really fucking bored.   
03:50pm 23/02/2004
mood: bored
I have cool presents. Kelton bought me Birkenstocks for our belated Valentines day. Hooray!

I got my schedule for work next week, guess how many days im working, 1!?!?! One fucking day for the whole week, im so pissed. I better start being on the fucking schedule more before i freak out. I need to start making some money pronto.

I think i should go take a nap.

Oh yeah, if Bush gets re-elected as President, I'm moving to Canada. No way can i stay in the country with that lunatic in office for 4 more years.

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11:25am 28/01/2004
mood: cold
Ahh, snow day, how i love to sleep until 10 as opposed to getting up at 6:30 and digging my car out of the snow at 7.

This semester i have some pretty cool teachers, seriously i dont know why i get all the quirky, old hippie teachers but its great. My first day of 3-D Design my teacher was talking about Pink Floyd and how Dark Side of The Moon is awesome and some kid says 'well yeah thats because everyone was on drugs.' So my teacher says, yeah well to tell you the truth, im seeing more crazy stuff now then when i was on drugs. My other art teacher is so funny looking, he has big round glasses, a big moustache and a soul patch, hes balding but his hair is kind of long and thinning in the back, and hes CRAZY!! Good times in that class.

Kelton has workie today :(

I want to see Mister Bill at some point today, if you are reading this Bill, call me or die. Your choice.

My feeties are c-c-c-cold.

See ya later kids

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02:27pm 15/01/2004
mood: tired
I got a new job(finally) at Boulder Creek right by the Broadway Mall. Its got some mad expensive food on the menu, we got a $30 steak. I have my second interview with them on monday, they better start training me soon, since school is starting pretty soon.

Nothing else terribly interesting going on with me. Kelton got a job at Virgin Megastore which is great because now i will get tons of cds.

I keep getting headaches, its making me upset with life.

I saw this movie called Pumpkin last night on the Sundance channel, it was good, i just love Christina Ricci.

Ok, bye.

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08:23pm 30/12/2003
mood: bored
I'm so bored, i have absolutely nothing to do. My family was supposed to be gone all day so i wanted kelton to come over and have us have a really fun day at home. That didn't happen, he came over at like 4 and left at 5:30, i mean, i know he wants to hang out with his brother but he told me we would hang out today. I'm so annoyed. Not really annoyed at him but just in general.

Dammit i wish i had more than 3 friends sometimes.

Bill is at work, which is gay, he wont be done til forever. I already hung out with jeanne for a while. I would just go to bed but its only 8:30.

I hate my stupid father, he says the meanest shit to my mom it pisses me off. And i hate seeing him when my family isnt home, we just give each other dirty looks. Goddamn piece of shit.

I have a hickey from Colleen on my neck, its a big one.

Kelton just called me, he apparently bit his tounge really bad. He's not hanging out with me later so i dont know why hes calling me. Oh well.

Fuck this, im going to sleep.

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I win   
10:21pm 27/12/2003
mood: cheerful
So yeah, i got the best presents this year:

A record player/cd player/tape player/radio, it rocks.

Tons of records from Bill including The Boss(thanks asshole), Simon and Garfunkel Live In Central Park, and Eric Clapton.

A bad-ass cd player for my car. Its a Sony Xplod and it is amazing, it has a remote and everything. My boyfriend is the best.

The Vice guide to Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll. Jeanne got this for me, its hilarious and informative.

I got a baby cousin on the way from my aunt Terri who is going to marry this crazy sterotypical irish guy who says horribly innapropriate things.

Life is swell, oh yeah, and kelton got us a bowl today. Its really pretty.

I'm gonna go smokie da tokie with Joe now, later all.

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Always hopping on that bandwagon   
12:23pm 15/12/2003
  Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:: Bob Dylan

Are you female or male:: "Girl From The North Country"

Describe yourself:: "Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again"

How do some people feel about you:: "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35"

How do you feel about yourself:: "Just Like A Woman"

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:: "Farewell Angelina"

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:: "Mister Tambourine Man"

Describe where you want to be:: "Oxford Town"

Describe what you want to be:: "I Shall Be Free"

Describe how you live:: "Temporary Like Achilles"

Describe how you love:: "Pledging My Time"

Share a few words of wisdom:: "Most Likely You'll Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine"

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Exactly the kind of stress i needed   
01:32pm 10/12/2003
mood: infuriated
Some of you may know a kid named evan rogers. If you know me, you should know i despise him. Recently, he has been coming into Friendly's trying to get a job there.

Last night he called my phone, I wanted to pick up but kelton told me not to, that it would only egg him on further if i screamed at him. He left me the weirdest message, if you see me ill let you listen to it, its that weird.

I fucking hate this kid, i want him out of my life. I want anyone associated with evan out of my life as well. I'm sick of seeing him around town, im sick of hearing about him and im goddamn sick of him trying to be fucking friends with me again.

This is making me crazy. And i swear to god, if anyone im friends with attempts to rekindle a friendship between evan and i, i just wont talk to you ever again.

I could fucking kill right now

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I wish i had a penis sometimes, so i could rape the world right proper   
01:06am 05/12/2003
mood: amused
Writing a paper on marijuana isn't that fun if you arent stoned. Or even if you are. Papers just suck i think.

Relatives from Texas coming over tomorrow for a belated Thanksgiving. Thanks mom and dad for not telling me until the day before thanksgiving so i could have to work that weekend and continue to be the bastard child that never goes to family get-togethers.

Kelton wants to go see the new Tom Cruise samuri movie tomorrow, but the family will be here. I should just go and pretend i didnt know they were coming today. Ha ha.

I need money. Dammit. I need to buy mad presents for people. Well, only like 3 people but dammit i want them to be good presents.

The clock's a-ticking, time to finish this shizzle fo' rizzle.

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